Customer Testimonials


"We love the product....very safe and cat-friendly."
S.H. in Howell, NJ
"My cats and I love your Feline Fantasy Collars! The collars shape is perfect and the gems are beautiful.
They would like to wear this collar style for normal days not just for holidays."
M. Lazar, Burbank, CA
"Just to let you know that I received the collars today. They're absolutely beautiful!"
"I love your Beastie Bands and am interested in selling them in my pet store."
V.C. in NY
"I love the Beastie Bands. I just bought 2 for my cornish rex and sphinx!"
"Yes, we got the collar. Thank you! It is very cute!"
S. Truman TX
"We (our cat Fluffy) already own one "Beastie Band", and really like it. That's why we ordered more for our other cats. The light weight and safety VELCRO brand closure are good design features -- besides, the "glow in the dark" figures are cool."
Sue, Lee and our three cats
Jonesboro, GA
"Thank you! These are the only collars that my cat doesn't lose!"
M.S. in Long Beach, NY
"I'd be delighted to give a comment regarding my purchase. I love it! Both of my kitties wear your collars and constantly receive compliments regarding their fashion sense. The collars are beautiful, durable, and seem comfortable."
"I received the collars today and I think they are great and so do my little babies.
If I need anything in the future I will have a look at your website!"
Emma, United Kingdom
I received the collar that I ordered for my kitten in the mail yesterday and I wanted to write and thank you.  I was thrilled upon opening the package.  The rhinestones were actually attached securely with leather-working fittings instead of glued on!  Even more surprising is that my kitten, Loki, has hardly paid any attention to the collar after I put it on him.  In the past he has scratched at various cloth collars until they are horribly frayed or become dangerously tight on his neck. 
I guess it's obvious that I am VERY pleased.  I will definitely be in touch again in the future for collars for my other cats and I will pass on your name and website to anyone looking to make such a purchase.
Zenobia M. Carver
Apopka, FL

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