Feline Fantasy Collars

We have often laughed at our cats as they seem to dream their way, temporarily, into another world. Are they really dreaming? What about? Perhaps they are fantasizing! That would explain a lot about their behavior!
Thus, the idea of the Cool Cat Feline Fantasy Collar was born. Be a loving companion to your cat! Help your feline's fantasies to come true!
These are our incredible Fantasy Cool Cat Collars! Below each picture is a brief description of the collar and the price. These collars were created for short-haired cats (sorry you long-hairs!) and come in 2 sizes; medium and large. A medium sized collar is designed to fit a 5 to 7 pound cat. A large collar is designed to fit a cat over 7 but less than 14 pounds.
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Here, we have the All American Fantasy Collar for the patriotic cat. Faux diamond and ruby stars all around the neck twinkle with elegance. The large faux blue sapphire just sparkles! This collar is great for celebrating the 4th of July any time of the year! Cost $15.00


Here is Danube, our beautiful All American girl, enjoying a patriotic moment!


Above is the Princess (or Prince as the case may be) fantasy collar, designed for the royal at heart. A cluster of 3 sparkling gems rest over the throat. This particular collar has faux ruby cabochons, but other precious faux cabochons may be used designing your cat’s collar, depending on what's in our treasure chest! Cost $15.00


The beautiful Danube makes a lovely Princess!


For those cats that enjoy yachting or just spending a warm day at the beach, we have our Beach Baby Fantasy Collar. This collar is quite stunning with its faux pearls and genuine seashell. Just put the collar on and your Baby can start sun bathing! Cost $15.00


Danube is perfectly attired for a sunny, sandy afternoon!


Imagine An Evening in Albuquerque. What could be more beautiful than a desert sunset? With this southwestern style Fantasy Collar your cat could be there! Faux diamonds shimmer around the neck in a faux platinum setting. At the throat faux rubies and diamonds accent a genuine turquoise stone! Cost $20.00



Danube prepares for her next fantasy.... An Evening in Albuquerque. She'll watch the sunset, gaze at the stars and re-live times in the old west.

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