An out of this world treat for your cat!!

Marinated Mice




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This little treat will be loved by your cat. Ours just go CRAZY over it.    These are not real mice, but "mice like" toys (4) packed in CatNip! The cats can play all day with these toys then you just replace them in the container overnight to recharge them with CATNIP Power!!


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Spicy Micey

Just like the Marinated Mice, the Spicy Micey Toys are packed in Fresh Organic Catnip! These mice are all colored SPICY RED for your feline friend's enjoyment.



Spicey Micey $9.00 





The freshest, highest quality organic Catnip for your kitty. Over two ounces of Catnip per package. Just sprinkle a little on their scratching post or favorite toy. Your cat will love you for it!! Packaging may vary between labels.

DISCLAIMER *These products are manufactured and distributed by Twin Cat Products, Feline Fantasy Collars makes no claims as to Trademarks or Trade-names of any Twin Cat Products. Any claims should be referred to the Twin Cat Products Comany.

Odyssey Catnip $5.00 



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