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  Stylish Bestie Band Cat Collars!    Beastie Band Cat Collars will break away in emergency.

ABOVE: Our cat Gator models the "Gator Skin Beastie Collar"

These cat collars are made of soft, safety stretch material. Beastie Bands are durable 12" collars that can be cut to fit your feline. Colors sometimes vary therefore we unable guarantee a specific color. Choose a design to fit your cats purrsonality...Devil Cat or Hearts?

Made by TwinCat Products

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Coolest Cat Around!

Cool Cat 



Irish Cats?  

Celtic Knot Designs 



That Crazy Cat!

Crazy Cat 



Great Flower Design

Dazzling Daisies



For That Little Devil!

Devil Cat 



The Egyptians knew what cats know....that they are gods!

Egyptian Cat



Please step away from the food bowl!

Fat Cat 



Fabulous Flamingos!




Let's go fishing!

Fishbone Cat 



Swamp cat?

Gator Skin Cat 



Keep on Smiling! 

Happy Faces 



For your sweetheart cat!




Hot in the southwest!  

Hot Chili Peppers 



Wild Thang!

The Leopard 



Fun with Bugs!

The Ladybug 



Tell tale tracks!

Paw Prints 



Laid back and groovey!

Peace Cat  



Floating along on a breeze!

Monarch Butterflies  




Pretty Paisley!




Head west kitty! 

Rattlers, Coyotes & Cactus 



Patriot Cat! 

Red, White & Blue Stars 



Royalty.....of course!

Royal Cat Crowns 



Luck of the Irish!




Down by the seashore!

Sea Shells 



Danger! Attack Cat!

Skull & Cross Bones 



uhhhhhhh That Cat Smells!

Smelly Cat 



He's a grand old cat!

Stars & Stripes 



There is a little tiger in all cats!

Tiger Print 



Goes with the flow. 

Yin Yang Sign 





Free Shipping on all US orders over $40.00
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Remember that Beastie Band collars colors sometimes vary from those shown so if you have a preference please let us know



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